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This non-metallic ballast is cyrstalline silica that has been screened into four sizes.  It is an excellent representation of the ballast of many Midwestern railroads, with variegated coloration, unlike many of the other commercially available ballasts.

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WARNING: This product contains crystalline silica, a compound known to the state of California to cause cancer.

Item # Description MSRP Q Deal
OT 1 lb bag - Appropriate for N scale
$7.25 per bag
1T 1 lb bag - Appropriate for HO scale $7.25 per bag
2T 1 lb bag - Appropriate for HO or S scale $7.25 per bag
3T 1 lb bag - Appropriate for O or G scale $7.25 per bag
1-3lbship Shipping for 1-3 lbs of ballast $ 8.50
4-8lbship Shipping for 4-8 lbs of ballast $15.00

Shipping for 9-12 lbs of ballast


(For orders over 12 lbs - email for price.)