Q Connection Brass Consignments

If you have a desire to sell your CB&Q brass models using Q Connection as your authorized selling agent, we will make every effort to place your items with a satisfied customer.

Please write or e-mail your descriptive list of items that you wish to consign for approval.

Here are several good reasons for using Q Connection to sell your brass:

1.) We have a dedicated audience of CB&Q modelers
2.) The model is listed on our world wide website: http://www.QConnection.biz and announced once on the CBQ Yahoo Group as well as Q Connection's Facebook page
3.) Q Connection will market you brass as the BRHS meets and at several RPM meets
4.) Our knowledgeable staff has extensive modeling experience, CB&Q knowledge and experience in the brass industry
5.) The standard consignment fee is 15% of the selling price unless otherwise negotiated
6.) Advertising, PayPal or charge card fees are FREE to the consignor
7.) You are paid 14 days after your model is sold
8.) Q Connection has been serving satisfied customers since 1996


The consignor may set the selling price and our staff will review and advise. If you prefer, our staff can advise on current market value and await your approval.

Our advice regarding pricing is based on:

1.) Sales of the same or similar items in recent months.
2.) The status of similar items in our current inventory.
3.) Supply and demand.

All pricing dollar amounts and related discussions are based on RETAIL SELLING PRICE. The Brass consignment fee is 15% of the retail selling price. The consignor's share is 85% of the retail selling price and is paid automatically by check which is mailed 14 days after the sale.   If the item is not sold, and the consignor wishes to remove it from our consignment list, there will be a 5% removal fee.  After the selling price has been agreed upon, prices will NOT be increased. Upon request by the consignor, prices may be reduced during the consignment period. They may be reduced at 5% of the original consigned selling price, or $10.00 per change, whichever is greater.  Advertising, PayPal or charge card fees are free to the consignor. We request that consignors describe any modifications or changes that may have been made to models being consigned. 

Foreign consignors sending models are responsible for any applicable United States customs duty or any duties in their own country. If duty fees are imposed on consigned items, we may request immediate reimbursement upon receipt of the consigned items.

Brass models must have a minimum retail sales value of $100.00 per item. Multiple items may NOT be grouped to meet this minimum. 

Major problems will be handled as follows:

Q Connection reserves the right to refuse items that meet any of the following criteria:
1.) Models that are in poor condition or have several missing parts. These may be returned to the owner or sold as is...
2.) Items that are currently available on the retail market. These may be returned to the owner COD, depending on the retail strategy.
3.) If the consignor sets prices that are unrealistically high, Q Connection reserves the right to return these items to the consignor, transportation charges collect, if a realistic compromise agreement on pricing cannot be reached.

For items unsold after 90 days, we reserve the right to review pricing strategy with the consignor, recommend price adjustments and/or return the items to the owner. Consignment prices are set by the owner/consignor, and in many cases, they may not always represent our assessment of current fair market value. Our staff will always do their best to accurately describe the model and its pricing (if exceptional conditions warrant), in order to avoid customer confusion and inconvenience.
Note that market value on some rare, limited production items can vary greatly as supply and demand changes.