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11-Car California Zephyr Set

This set is uniquely lettered for operation on a folded dogbone layout. As it passes through your scenes in opposited directions, it appears as if you have both trains 17 & 18. This set contains older modesl that purchased second-hand. some of the cars' plating needs polishing, the diner needs its coupler pad resoldered and the observation car needs truck pedestal springs, but comes with the Tomar lighted CZ drumhead kit. The underbodies and trucks are painted silver and the five domes include green tinted glazing.

I paid $880.00 for the set back in the day and would like to get $750.00 for the set. The Brass Train Guide shows these cars as having sold for $140 a two-car box ($70 exch car).


Baggage &
Dome Observation


Silver Coyote (both sides)


Silver Solarium (right side)
Silver Penthouse (left side)
(This Car is minus truck springs
Includes Tomar Lighted Drumhead Kit)

Dome Dormitory-Buffet-Lounge &
16-Section / 48 Seat ChairChalet-Lounge

Silver Chalet (right side)
Silver Lounge (left side)


Silver Poplar
Silver Larch

Vista Dome Chair &
48-seat Diner


Silver Dollar (right side)
Silver Stirrup (left side)


Silver Diner (right side)
Silver Restaurant (left side)
(This car has the rear coupler mounting pad loose)

 Vista Dome Chair &
10-6 Sleeper


Silver Thistle (right side)
Silver Lariat (left side)


Silver Rapids
Silver Butte

6-5 Sleeper &
16-Section Sleeper


Silver Swallow
Silver Dove

Silver Aspen
Silver Maple

Vista Dome Chair
(box is minus 2nd car)


Silver Mustang (right side)
Silver Bridle (left side)

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